5% of your whole order goes to support & empower
Indian women starting their own business


Last day for orders to be delivered before Christmas  in Sweden is 18th December and for orders in Europe, the last day to order for Christmas delivery is Friday 14th...

You might not know this but I'm also a painter and I will be showing my work from December 5th - 21st at the Edviks Julsalong Stockholm along with a little selection of my cushions and accessories. Click Events for more info about that and you can also follow my creative progress on Facebook and instagram @RachelVanAsch_Art


Van Asch is donating 5% of every item sold on this web shop, to the Indian non-governmental organization (NGO) called CIRHEP that empowers women through organic farming.
CIRHEP is an Indian NGO in Tamil Nadu committed to the cause of enviromental protection.
The core is organic farming & the NGO works in numerous ways to reach it's goals. Some of the focus areas are women's empowerment, gender equality, conservation & business training. By creating sustainable, organic income opportunities for rural women, CIRHEP empowers women & their families, lifts them out of poverty & protects the environment.
How do we work out the 5% & where does the money go? read more...

Van Asch Loves...
Tattoos - Dreaming - Saunas - 'The Signature of all Things' By Elizabeth Gilbert KINDNESS - JG Ballard - The innocence of animals - Clock parts - WEIRDNESS - Cake & all baked deliciousness - Running - Historical novels - The Supernatural - The endless possibilities of stationery catalogues - Saying 'YES' - magenta hair Heavy rockin' tunes - Making things - The sun shinning through trees - SPACE - curiosity - Being alive - My FAMILY....did I mention cake? Don't be a stranger... What do you love? Seriously! I want to know! I occassionally give free stuff away randomly to people who answer! ....So come on.... join the madness and email me!

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