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I have a New Blog! March 27, 2013 11:12

 I have a brand new blog which will be easier to navigate and find articles etc. So I won't be blogging on here anymore. I'll repost some of my older articles from here onto there as well. Here is the address:


Valentines day approacheth February 08, 2013 16:38

 Whilst all around you, businesses are trying to shove 'romantic' gift ideas down your throat, I just want to say that you don't need to spend money to prove anything on Valentines day. Time and effort the greatest gifts, breakfast in bed or a romantic meal ...you get the idea. I am nauseated by the cringey way businesses use that particular celebration as another way to wrangle our hard earned cash out of our pockets. They use those charming twin sisters of guilt and obligation to make as much money as possible. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love a bit of shopping, but for what I hope are the right reasons, not guilt and obligation. But rather for appreciation of beautiful things (that would be for myself) or because something is just perfect for someone and it would bring them lots of happiness to have it. 

I don't buy something to say 'I love you'. Nothing says 'I love you' like you saying the words 'I love you'. 

I apologise for my little rant here but the commercialisation of emotion is hideous.

Make some effort, plan a nice day or meal or surprise or something. But whatever you do, just don't buy a small bear clutching a fluffy heart, I beg you!

Today at Oscar & Clothilde February 07, 2013 17:02

 I was in town today having a meeting with a lovely lamp designer I will be collaborating with and we decided to take a look around the huge Oscar & Clothilde shop in Stockholm. They have soooo many things we wanted including huge stone swan plant holders for the garden and a beautiful steampunk clock...

There was also a lovely statue which really took my fancy. Now I'm not normally one for pointless statues and the like, but I really took to this beautiful wooden spiral stairway to nowhere. The curve was so graceful and the wood so lustrous. Something for my Christmas list... ;-)

Beauty in the Small Things January 19, 2013 19:14

 There was a beautiful irridescent winged bug on my jewellery display board when I got into Formex Today. Ironically it was nestled right next to my Eccentric Bugs necklace, as though it felt safe there, protected by the big silver bug. 

Stupidly, I picked it up and put it on my hand to have a better look. I should've taken a picture of it there but as usual, my enthusiasm and curiosity got the better of me. It didn't mind that I picked it up and put it on my hand. It just sat there, but I couldn't go around all day with a bug on my hand so I gently encouraged it to fly away. It flew around a bit but decided that my stand really was the best ;-) and flew behind one of my canvas pictures to sleep, where no giant hands would bother it. I've left it there. It's like a tiny secret that only I know about...and now you do too!.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you find joy in the tiny things.

Formex January 16, 2013 17:22

 I've finished loading into Formex today. It is Scandinavia's biggest trade fair for the interiors and gifts markets and I've been doing it for a few years now. I remember I used to get so stressed before...and during too! But not anymore, it's all like an oiled machine .... okay, I forgot the press releases and Hubby had to drive home and get them, but other than that little hiccup, all good. So here is a quick snap taken from my stand just before I left today. It looks great and I can't wait for tomorrow...it's gonna be HECTIC!!!!

New Cosmetic Bags December 06, 2012 17:51

Oh so excited today! I just got delivery of the samples for a new line of Van Asch cosmetic bags. There are 2 different forms/sizes and they are all lined in black and cream polka dot satin. The colours came out a bit funky, specially the blue spotty design, it's supposed to be turquoise but I'll fix that in production. They will be available to buy next spring and of course I'll post up on the news bit when they come in. 

Upcycled old Cabinets November 11, 2012 22:55

 I was in a court house on Friday as a witness for the prosecution, however, one of the accused had just absconded from the detention center so the trial has been postponed. Basically I saw 2 thieves running, nearly hit one with my car. They ran towards the golf course where I live and a policeman requisitioned a golf cart to chase them down and arrest them. It was all very 'telly movie' kinda thing. Anyway I'm the main witness soooo I've got to go back in a couple of weeks for the trial of the one that didn't get away. He's going DOWN!

When I was in the court building, I noticed this old sideboard cabinet thingy, it was suspended up on chains and had a plasma screen inside with constantly moving fabulous old china floating around in it. I really thought it was a great bit of corporate art and a really nice use for an old cabinet...

Meat Legs October 23, 2012 19:20

 Well, today has been mental! So so busy. I went into town and dropped some stock off at a shop, then dropped some cushions off with a journalist who is doing a fabulous photoshoot with them, then high tailed it home to make a dress and get it to the post office all before picking up the kids from school...Phew! 

On my way home, on the train, I passed a girl wearing the most extraordinary pair of leggings. I wished I'd taken a picture though she might not have liked that too much. Anyway, they were printed with lifelike musculature. So basically flayed flesh...nice. Perhaps I've become that 'older generation' who don't understand or don't approve or whatever... but I was rather shocked. Not because they are, well, shocking, but because they were so damn ugly! I don't judge the youngins' wearing their emo weirdness or whatever. I like weird, but I don't like ugly. I also like anatomical in it's right place and done with beauty, but flayed flesh legs with a peach sweater and gold chain was not working for me today...

Brand New Printed Cushions September 24, 2012 14:49

 Well, with all the sale stuff flying out of the window, we better be having some new loveliness in to take it's place hadn't we? Yes indeed we do. And here I can unveil 6 brand new printed cushion designs...can't say exactly when they will be available here on the web shop yet but course I will tell you when they are. I've used lots of strong colors in these and they range from the more retro kitchy Flights of Fancy collection to the more traditionally eccentric Van Asch weirdness of Vintage View. I hope you like them...

Carnesky's Tarot Drome September 19, 2012 19:04

As you may know, I was away in London last weekend getting into all sorts of mischief. I don't think it's possible to have more fun than I did that weekend and yes, of course I'm paying for it now. Anyway, one of the highlights was seeing Madam Carnesky's Tarot Drome which quite frankly defies accurate description. It was an interactive immersive theatrical experience which involved interacting with 'Tarot Cards' and watching wrestling. The wrestlers ended up naked and snogging which was quite nice after the fighting! It ended with the tunes of Rasp Thorn & The Briars with roller skating babes. Who could ask for more??? These pics are...

All Rights Reserved, Guilherme Zuhlke O'Connor — at The Old Vic Tunnels. 

Cushions In Studio Modern Stockholm September 07, 2012 16:33

I've been out and about in town today, mostly snuffling around Östermalm with my Mother. I popped in to see one of my stockiest and took some quick pics of some of my cushions. These are in Studio Modern on Birgerjarlsgatan in Stockholm.

I also saw a fabulous garment in a shop in Sturegallerian, you know I LOVE lace! I thought it was a top but it actually turned out to be a dress.

Hand Made Cushions in Autumn Reds and Golds September 05, 2012 18:10

 For the last few days I have been sewing like mad making these cushions, all in autumnal reds, burnt orange, gold and black. They are all destined for a lovely shop called Bädda & Bada in the Mood shopping mall central Stockholm.