The Root of All Evil June 16, 2009 11:53

I have finally managed to excise the malignant root mass from my garden.
I felt an amazing sense of victory when it finally came out. Who knew that gardening could produce anything other than sweat and sunburn? (besides growing things, of course)
Shortly after, I removed another root mass, though it was a fraction of the size, it had the additional bonus of containing a red ant nest. Oh joy!
The little rooty blighter was hanging on by some tenacious undiscoverable root. I was tugging, heaving, sweating and swearing until I finally pulled it up and hurled it away with a kind of primordial howl. My relish was only mitigated by the rain of red ants and the ensuing rash that visited my entire body that night.

I used to think that gardening was all about pretty flowers, attractive arrangements and lazy sunday afternoon dabblings but now I see it is infact extreme, life and death, dirty, primeval stuff.
Yes, Gardening is the new Rock ’N Roll.