Naivety and Passion July 17, 2009 23:28

Naivety and passion are such an awful combination.
Naivety by itself can be vaguely sweet. Passion is, of course wonderful. But together, something truly awful happens.
An example is vegans who believe eating animal products and by-products is unnecessary and morally wrong and passionately want the world to change. It’s simply unrealistic and therefore, that passion is entirely wasted.
Another example is zealous humanists who passionately work towards an end of organised religion. This is so incredibly unrealistic, one wonders how anyone can work towards something entirely unattainable. How pointless. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for an end of ignorance myself but I don’t expect it to happen. I don’t waste my passion on pointless quests or unchangeable aspects of human nature. Perhaps that’s a bit cynical. I find cynicism and realism quite hard to differentiate these days.
Don’t think for one second that I am moaning about vegans or humanists. I have close family members into both these things. I absolutely respect the individuals right to chose their beliefs and define their own lives morally. What I dislike is when they waste their energy in trying to change everyone else’s lives to accord with their own views. Talk about banging your idealistic head against the unyielding wall of realism. What a waste of energy. Please note, close family members, I’m not talking about you guys! You’ve never tried to convert us.