Victorian Neck Corsets August 07, 2009 15:36

Oh yes indeedy, that’s what’s in store for you soon.
As promised, I’m going to do a blog or 2 every week about what I’m currently working on. As I’ve said, this blog is normally reserved for my thoughts about life and has nothing to do with promoting my products. I hate webshop blogs that are just dull lists of what new products are coming into the shop soon etc. argh, boring! I promise not to clutter up my blog with such tediousness. However… my creative life is such a huge part of me that it’s difficult to separate these things entirely, so, I’m going to show you pictures of things I’m working on and chat about that stuff abit…or not. I might totally change my mind. Who knows. Anyway, I promise I won’t turn the blog into a dull news page.

So, what about these victorian neck corsets then? Sounds painful. They aren’t but you sure know when your wearing one. They are boned using the same flexi boning that many corsets use which keeps the fabric taught but allows some degree of movement. I’ve seen lots of gothic black lace ones all over the place but I want to bring more of a Victorian/ burlesque romantic feel to mine. Give this new product the Van Asch flavour.
Here’s a pic in progress of the basic form. It’ll be finished in a week or so along with several others.