My Flowers August 13, 2009 13:13

I’m not much of a gardener and having lived most of my adult life in a flat in North London, well, I haven’t really done much with plants. I’ve killed many pot plants in my time, even a cactus and a yukka. I thought those things were indestructible. They live in deserts for gods sake. My bedroom was clearly a more hostile environment than a desert. Anyway, now I live in the Swedish countryside and am trying my hand at gardening. I have window boxes which look a bit crap actually but are not dead and am working on landscaping the back garden for some truly large scale planting (probably planting next year cos bit late in season now).
I would not have had the confidence for this but I have recently experienced a small miracle in my humble plot. I planted some bulbs an eternity ago and low, they have burst into flowers. Not dead, not crap, but truly wonderful. Here is proof.