Balance October 24, 2009 14:30

It occurs to me today that balance is the ultimate desired state, to goal which we should strive for, the quintessential element to life and the pursuit of happiness and personal evolution (pause for breath)
Please forgive my gross over simplifications. I am burdened with a compulsive need to simplify, explain and fundamentally answer the questions of existence and purpose. I can’t help it and I know my pathetic answers can never truly sum up the universe’s complexity but, as I mentioned, I’m compelled to try. And, having said that, somehow my paltry attempts make me feel better, so I just do it anyway.
So, balance. It’s just a word. What’s that then? Nothing really, but a life in balance must be a really wonderful thing…I’m guessing. This kind of idea appeals to me, the eternal fence sitter and hedger of bets. The balance of pleasure and gratification in the now with planning and investing for the future.
My greatest weakness in this regard is my workaholic nature. I find it very hard not to work so the work/life balance is not great. The worst aspect of this is a lack of physical exercise. I basically stand at my cutting table or sit at my bank of sewing machines or computer all day and can barely tear myself away to eat. It’s damaging my back. I’ve recently decided that I must do yoga every day for 30 minutes, to try and restore the balance.
I bought a DVD called Yoga For Beginners by Body wisdom media and I highly recommend it.
Balance is the journey, not the destination.