Mixing Business & Pleasure November 05, 2009 22:44

Today has been one of those delightful days where business, family and pleasure have all been wrapped up together. Firstly we went to the opening of a new fabulous shop called By Carima in Täby. They are stocking a big selection of my handmade cushions and jewellery.
Here’s a quick pic I took…

Then we drove into Stockholm Söder and I dropped off a whole load of frocks which are going to be on sale at the wonderful Stockholm Oriental Boutique.
We ate dinner at the Missisippi Inn, cajun creole stuff, yummy. Then went around the corner to have a quick cocktail at Sacré Coeur with our lovely friends Mariette and Odd. However, small childeren and cocktails don’t mix too well so we had to go home, driving through the rain (not me driving, I was the one drinking cocktails, well, 1 cocktail).
Here’s Mariette at Sacré Coeur wearing a lovely turtle brooch on her hat, which she bought from Van Asch ages ago.

Now that I have several outlets for my lovliness, I’m going to start a Stockists page on the website…soon