Barbies. Then & Now November 08, 2009 22:17

I finally mustered the courage to hand over my beloved barbie doll, to my 5 1/2 year old daughter. I thought she may finally be of an age to enjoy her without feeling the compulsion to remover her head (I was wrong about that, but mercifully, her head pops back on quite easily) or cut all her hair off (so far no games of hairdresser). I had her when I was a little girl in the 70’s. So, I dug her out of my old doll box and proffered her up. My daughter having no idea what a huge moment this was for me, how it said “see how much I trust you”. What struck me, when I looked at my old barbie and compared her to Isabel’s new barbies, was how different they look in the face. My barbie is the girl next door, innocent and harmless. Isabel’s barbie is…well frankly, she’s a slut. She has tonnes more makeup and looks far to ‘experienced’. Even the proportions of the face have changed from a more youthful shape (totally at odds with her gigantic bosom of course) to a more grown up proportion.
Change…some is good, some is bad, yep, that’s how it is.