We are at the Mercy of our Chemicals November 13, 2009 15:17

I am often surprised at how different my moods are, despite my life being very even, and quite frankly, rather predictable. And, although one day may be much like the next one, I might feel wildly different about them. So that must mean that the life is less important than how you feel about it. Yes, I know, that’s bloody obvious but I think we often take these things for granted. We assume that if we improved out life situation in some way (new job, more money, better car, bigger house) then that will make us happier. But, perhaps the ‘improvement’ would best be concentrated on how to elevate one’s mood. How to feel better about the lives we already have rather than changing the lives themselves.
Well, all that is somewhat divergent from the point I was initially trying to make… Being happy is the lucky combination of having a decent level of reality combined with you brains chemistry functioning well. Madness and depression are just a few bad chemicals away.
That sound very alarmist and I hate to add to the worlds irrational paranoid anxieties, however, I find the fact that my happiness and sanity should not be taken for granted, a positive thing. It means I don’t beat myself up too much if I’m having a dark day and I know it’ll pass, plus it helps me empathize with others who are currently going through a phase of mental instability.
Our reality is really only this moment right now so go do something that will make you feel good!
I’m off to tickle my littlest daughter…