My New Art November 16, 2009 12:48

I’ve been working on a bunch of new images. To begin with, I took photos of old Victorian era steam machinery at a museum, and combined the machine detail with ethereal images of Edwardian and Victorian ladies. I have been very inspired by the whole steampunk thing which is an aesthetic I simply adore (see earlier blog about steampunk).
I used these images as panels on my cushions but have recently decided to try putting them onto big canvas’s and augmenting them with lace and paint and other stuff. I’m still working on the images themselves but will put up pictures of the canvas’s when I have them finished.
Here’s Steampunk Veiled lady

After playing around with the Steampunk thing I wanted to bring in my own, more gothic, vibe so I started playing around with anatomical drawings and insects combined with the Edwardian ladies and art style. I really like the combination of twee prettiness with unexpected edgy darkness.
Here’s a new cushion I’ve made that features such a panel.