I Want To Live Forever November 24, 2009 14:29

I want to live forever. As a compromise, I’ll settle for living a really long time. Because becoming a vampire is out of the question, I must find more traditional methods of prolonging my life.
I’ve been reading a lot about the anti inflammation diet as an excellent way to prevent all that horrible cancer, heart disease and diabetes type stuff, so I thought ‘yep. That’s for me’. I bought a book called The Anti Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book by Jessica K Black N.D. Well, what a let down. I was hoping for a book that bridged the gap between normal eating and saintly abstinence but this book was a disappointment. There were no pictures of any of the recipes because the food was so hideously unappetising that photographs would merely confirm one’s worst suspicions and put you off entirely.
If the future is all quinoa, steamed vege and mung beans then I’d prefer to die young with a great big chocolaty smile all over my face. (no, actually, I really don’t want to die young. I’m still making discreet enquiries into the vampire thing…)
Seriously though, if anyone can recommend a good non vegetarian healthy cookbook with tempting pictures, please let me know.
Now I’m going to eat my mackerel on ryvita lunch with a side dish of guilt mixed with fear and seasoned with denial.