Jul & Hantverk at Kistamässan December 04, 2009 20:22

I’m home from another day at the Jul & Hantverk fair in Kista, Stockholm. I has quite a funny moment yesterday… a journalist from a local magazine came up and wanted to take some photos of me and my stand, at the same time some lovely ladies came over and started trying on my hats. The photographer decided he wanted to take their picture instead, asked them if it was okay then started moving them around and posing them and taking millions of pictures, whilst I lurked around feeling rather redundant off to one side. He was standing up on a chair and directing them like they were professional models, it really was quite funny. The ladies were lapping up all the attention as plenty of folks were stopping to see what all the fuss was about. Afterward, I joked that that’s the sort of attention you’ll get when you wear a Van Asch hat.
Here are some pics of the stand.