New Years Cards. December 22, 2009 18:31

I’m rubbish at sending out Christmas cards. Infact, I have not sent 1. Not a single card to anyone. I’ve received a lot though and am feeling slightly guilty right now.
So, the first purpose of this blog is to apologise for my rubbishosity.
I have also been so incredibly busy with sewing special commissions for christmas time that I’ve hardly had 2 moments to rub together. And, of course where there is no time, there are no special thoughts.
As I was lying in bed last night thinking about all the things still to be done, I did have an abstract thought. I was feeling bad about all the cards I had not sent and how I could send them after Christmas as New Years Cards. This is a totally unheard of phenomenon that could become a real thing…well, probably not. But, anyway, I was thinking about how nice it is to share in the beginnings of things with other close friends. To talk about New Year’s resolutions and hopes for the year to come. The New Year brings in a fresh start for everyone and it would be cool to celebrate this, in my opinion, more relevant and real special time, than celebrating the birth of someone 2000 odd years ago whom I have no real connection with.
Now I must go into the maelstrom of activity again…