New finished Photo Session January 13, 2010 10:59

well…firstly I must apologise for not having blogged for ages. Blogs are supposed to be frequently updated journals or whatever. Mine’s more like sporadic irrelevant brain burps, hey ho.
Anyway, my reticence is due to the fact that I’m doing a really big trade show called Formex, in a couple of weeks and I have been very busy with the preparations. Yep, Van Asch is coming soon to a shop near you, well hopefully.
Here is the finished photo by Robert Milovan which is to promote me at Formex.
Kristina Sundberg did a lovely classy makeup job and model Ellem (the Core) looks ravishing as ever.
Ellem and her burlesque buddy Tifa will be doing a one off show at Formex, on my stand AG:35 Thursday 21st 1pm. Should be very tittilating…(I can’t spell ‘tittilating’, but nevermind, it’s the ‘tit’ part that counts)