My Thoughts at Formex Today January 22, 2010 22:24

I’m standing here on my stand. My feet hurt already and it’s not even lunchtime. Yesterday was the opening and a very long busy day.
I haven’t had enough sleep.
My right eye keeps twitching uncontrollably. I hope no one notices. I suspect it may be making me look like a slightly crazy person.
I’m supposed to be smiling welcomingly at the passers by, but my face is not obeying. I can’t get the smile to move up into my eyes so I think I’m pulling a kind of grimace. I don’t think they like it so I’m going to stop trying to smile and go back to the frosty arrogant countenance I normally sport. Is that right? Can you ‘sport a countenance’? That just sounds like a meaningless jumble of words.
The eye is twitching again.
Damn I’m tired
They’ve turned the AC up today and I’m cold, or maybe it’s just because I’m so tired.
I need to look busy so I’m writing this. Me stalking around my stand twitching, shivering and frosty looking is not attracting customers so I’m burying my twitchy self in this blog.
Maybe when I put my head up everything will be different…
No. It’s still the same constant dribble of bored looking shop keepers. Their bored expression evaporates for the short time they pass in front of my stand, mostly replaced by confusion and weird wee smiles. I take that as a compliment.