Musings on Saturday Morning at Formex January 24, 2010 22:05

My back is so sore, I can’t stand up anymore so I’m going to sit and write my thoughts.
The curious thing is that every time I sit down to write this, someone comes into my stand.
Looking busy is clearly good for business. Consequently, this blog is being written over a long period of time with interruptions every sentence or so.
At these trade shows, it is a commonly held belief that one should stand and smile in a welcoming manner at all passers by and certainly never sit down. Well, we all know that approach didn’t work for me so I’m trying the ‘casually busy’ look and it’s working wonders!
The art of looking casually busy is a sophisticated one. There is a lot of pen holding whilst gazing into the middle distance with a benign and thoughtful expression. Have to be careful with this one though, as too much gazing can make one look stupid and/or bored. It has to look like you’re thinking a couple of important thoughts before resuming the mildly important job of writing. Only ‘mildly important’ as you have to give the impression that it would be quite delightful if you were interrupted.
Ocassionaly (I can spell that word and I can’t be bothered to look it up)I do random sums on the calculator and obviously there is constant cushion plumping and reorganising. There is a small amount of fiddling with my clip board and turning the pages of my display catalogue. You ge the idea. It really is an artform, though one not likely to be widely appreciated.
I think I’ll go and dust the mirror now…