Decorating the Doll House February 08, 2010 18:55

When my daughter Isabel was 4 years old we bought her a beautiful 1 1/12th scale doll house for her birthday, but she was too young to appreciate it and in the short time it lived in our livingroom, it had it’s windows broken, the front door smashed and the hinges destroyed. So, we put it in the attic for 2 years. Now it’s back and I’ve been having so much fun fixing it up. The best thing is that it has all cost next to nothing so far. My neighbours, when they moved away, gave me a huge roll of stickyback paper. It hung around in the hall for 6 months without purpose, other than to collect dust and irritate me. I was about to take it to the recycling plant when I suddenly thought that perhaps I could cut A4 bits and put them through my printer. I could and I did. Suddenly a whole world of possibility opened up. I have printed parquet flooring, William Morris wall paper and black and white tiled kitchen flooring, all for the humble price of the ink.
Here is the dolls house work in progress…
Oh, and if anyone wants the jpegs of the wall papers or flooring, please just ask and I will be happy to e-mail them to you.