Hot Chocolate at Lydmar February 19, 2010 22:38

Yesterday I met up with a very nice journalist for hot chocolate and chats. We met up in the restaurant of a hotel called Lydmar. It was very posh and expensive looking but the hot chocolate was luke warm and weak, things are not always as they seem, anyway, it would’ve been disappointing but I didn’t care in the least about the quality of the beverages or surroundings only the quality of comfort and company.
I was a little early when I got there so I settled myself in a large black leather buckety arm chair, which was quite uncomfortable until I gave in to lounging, at which point it became most ergonomic… I digress. I was early, so I picked up a vaguely interesting looking book from the table and it was about luxury hotels around the world. I flipped through, mostly just thinking ‘my, that does look nice’, and ‘mmm, yes, would like to go there’ etc. But then one hotel really caught my attention. It was a conceptual designer hotel, can’t remember what it is called but the rooms were simply astonishing. They were all quite different and clearly, human comfort was not a high priority when designing these rooms.
One room was all white with an odd shaped bed low down, covered with a weird textural duvet, other than that, there were no other features in the room at all. Not even a light, they were all hidden. If I had pots of money, felt very guilty about it and wanted to stay in a room that makes a monastery look ostentatious, then that would be my choice. Actually no, it wouldn’t. It would be the room next door which has been ‘designed’ to look like the inside of a Yemeni Nomads tent, right down to the earth floor. Now, I just don’t get this kind of thing. I mean, if you want the experience of sleeping in a Yemeni Nomad’s tent then go sleep in the real thing. Okay, perhaps that’s a little logistically challenging, but honestly, neither of these rooms compares to the red room in terms of sheer disconcerting discomfort. This all red room is made from entirely shiny surfaces augmented with red neon. It looks like a nightclub from a parallel world inhabited by stockbroker vampires. How any sane person could sleep in there defies me. Well, whether they’d be sane the following morning is really the question.
But there’s the thing, my red room of madness is someone else’s luxury conceptual dream.