My recent creations March 03, 2010 14:46

I’m very excited to be making some new things at the moment. I’m working on a new Botanical Flowers range of art cushions and also, on a totally different vibe, a very rock ‘n roll range of art cushions (working name is Rock and Regal but could change if I come up with something better)and hats. They are inspired by Sailor Jerry tattoos, sacred hearts, skulls, day of the dead and stuff like that. I’ve just finished 4 hats which I’ll take proper pictures of and get them up in the shop tomorrow, but here’s a sneaky peaky. You can’t really see how cool these hats are in this rubbish snap shot but soon, all will be revealed.
I’ve been sewing like crazy over the last 5 weeks to make all the shop orders I received at Formex but now that is done, I can start making things for the webshop again and I jus’ got soooo many ideas!