Sometimes things can be Good March 04, 2010 18:55

Well, a bad thing happened recently. It came to my attention that 5 of my cushions had been stolen from my stand at the big Wholesale fair I did in January. I knew one had gone but I just took it as a bit of bad luck and didn’t think too much more about it, but when I was going to pack up an order the other day, I couldn’t find some of the cushions I needed. I decided to do a proper inventory and realised the full horror, that 5 had gone. It seemed inconceivable but there was no other possibility as they have otherwise only been in storage.
Well, I made a police report and then it turned out I had some kind of insurance so I filed a claim. I got the money back from the insurance company within 2 days of filing the claim. I was most impressed. We always think about how we pay for this and that but never see anything for the money, well this is the opposite and this is me noticing, in a positive way, how sometimes things kind of do work out.