School Uniforms March 08, 2010 15:09

I know this is a bit off beam, but I’ve been thinking about school uniforms recently and thought I share those thoughts with you.
I’m very pro self expression through one’s wardrobe. I think that a healthy sense of individuality through fashion/ anti fashion is to be thoroughly encouraged, BUT, I’m pro school uniforms. I think kids should wear them. I think this for several reasons ranging from the entirely practical to the more intangible. Firstly, I must explain that the reason I’ve been thinking about uniforms is that my eldest daughter is due to start school later this year and as school starts at 8 in the morning, I’m dreading the necessary earlier wake times and inevitable hideous panic in the mornings. My daughter likes to spend half an hour trying on different outfits while I become increasingly agitated, I think that might be part of the reason why she does it, or if not, an unexpected bonus from her point of view…Anyway, my point being that it would save soooo much time and trouble in the mornings if she had a uniform.
The other reason why uniforms are good is that it removes most of that horrible status driven peer pressure stuff. The kids that don’t have rich parents look much the same as the kids from affluent homes and they don’t feel obliged to be so mean. And, it saves money. Kids have plenty of time ahead of them to express their special selves, they can wait.
I wore school uniforms and it did me no harm. The need to dye my hair silly colours and wear even sillier clothes outside of school time, was not a reaction to the oppressive conformity of uniforms…. I’m fairy sure… well, I’m still pro uniforms.