I'm Back July 03, 2010 22:09

 well, I'm back. I've taken some months  off from my blog obligations and now my thoughts are my own again. The fact is that my blogging had begun to effect my brain. I started monologuing to myself and even editing my own thoughts as though there was always some kind of listener. Scary, I was my own  thought police. After these few months, my thoughts are back to the cascading chaos I'm familiar with.

It goes without saying that a lot has happened in these last few months. Most notably for my business, I've made some exciting new developments. I now use a new method to print the picture panels on my handmade art cushions. The printing now happens directly onto the fabric so the finished result can be washed, ironed and steam pressed with much better results. It means that the quality of the cushions has increased and the look is more natural, less shiny than before.

I've also been working on a new range of all printed cushions featuring my original art works (see below).

The last few months has involved lots of sampling and testing but I'm finally very happy with the results and look forward to showcasing all my new collections at Formex (Scandinavia's biggest gift/interiors trade show) this August.

So that's it from me today. I'll blog again soon but I can't say when. It may be tomorrow or it may be in a month.

Happiness and summer sparkles