Shopping or Making? December 28, 2010 14:02

 I went shopping in the sales yesterday. I had a great time wandering around taking my time to find just the right things. I went into a shop and then I saw it. The thing I can't live without, the thing I had to have. It was a little black lace waistcoat and just the sort of layery nonsense that I wear all the time. I have a fantastic cream vintage lace waistcoat, made from old doilies, well, actually it's made from a duchess set, but let's not get too detailed, the point is, I've worn it into the ground and there before me was a black one. I carried it around the shop as I looked for more things to have then suddenly thought,'what the hell am I doing?' this tiny little bit of fluff costs 399:- (about £36) and I could make it for a fraction of that, and better too. So, that's exactly what I did. I used various different fantastic old bits of vintage lace and I'm really pleased with the result, cost me about half the price too!