My new/old Jewellery Hanger November 19, 2011 12:30

 I really love the idea of upcycling stuff, turning old crap with no future, into something beautiful and maybe, with luck, something useful. I needed a new jewellery hanger for my display at the next lot of trade shows I'm doing in January. Since I strarted doing the jewellery a year or so ago, it has done really well so I decided to expand the range and offer different sizes, and now, silver for the new season. My one crazy upcycled broken lamp/vase hybrid couldn't take the strain of all this new loveliness so I just made something this morning from left over bits of aforementioned lamp and the base of the most hideous wooden bedside lamp. I painted the  wood with gold paint then rubbed in some stain to give it an aged look. All jazzed up with some old clock parts, rusty something unknown and bits of jewellery. I'm well chuffed with it.