Spring/Summer 2012 Trade shows January 30, 2012 21:53

 We've been away to Formland in Denmark, then Formex in Sweden, ending with Gave & Interiør in Norway. It has been utterly exhausting but also extremely exciting too. I have not had a single day off in 3 weeks and I don't think I can stop the hecticness until the weekend. Is 'Hecticness' even a real word? I'm so tired I don't even know anymore...

Anyway, here is a picture I took at one of the Formland trend zones, I just thought it was really surreal and imaginative what the stylist had done.

And this is is a picture from my stand..

I've got lots more pictures to put up on the blog over the next few days.... but now I'm going to drag my weary butt to bed. Mwah mwah my lovelies!!