Opera, urgh! January 03, 2009 11:04

I should love opera, all that pomp and theatrical drama, but I don’t. Too many damn notes spread over too long. Indulgent nonsense. And the repetition, argh!’…we will go to the shops, yes the shops oh the shops. To the shop shoppy shops, let us away to the shops.’ Just bloody go then!
I imagine some nameless diva slipping on a banana peel, mid warble, and falling backwards into a black hole. As she passes over he even horizon time ceases to behave according to relativistic laws and stretches out indefinitely. Of course this flimsy analogy only works if the viewer is further in towards the black hole but then, of course, there are significantly more pressing issues than a divas death dive. That being, ultimately being crushed into a singularity, which does not have a particularly good effect on ones general wellbeing.
Actually perhaps the vantage point should be above where things are slowed down…or is it sped up…? Hmmm, I can’t remember which way around it should go. Okay, this analogy is a lead turkey. I put it down and move away from it, just simply stop and walk away…