More on Censorship January 04, 2009 20:41

Further to my previous rant about hip hop. I must qualify something I said about censorship. I said I didn’t like it and that is mostly true but there is one exception. There is one area where I think censorship is a good idea. It is the type of censorship a parent imposes in order to protect their small children. I don’t let my 5 year old daughter watch tv show with monsters and explicit violence because that stuff gives her terrible nightmares. Censorship is necessary to protect the innocence and happy mental health of people who are too young and inexperienced to make informed decisions themselves.
Sometimes groups of people, through best intentions, wish to censor heaps of things, because they passionately feel that, even as grownups, our happy mental health needs protecting.
If those groups of peoples/ authorities perceive us as naïve and incapable of protecting our own mental health and are acting as benign parents to their nation of children then I say, that to be violated by information as a grownup is one of the things that define us and form us. I mean that by seeing/hearing upsetting things you learn what your own parameters are as an individual and can then comfortably self censor to your own tastes. I have seen and heard all sorts of unpleasantness and avoid anything I know will make me feel horrid but I would not will away those experiences because they give my perception of reality a depth and contrast.