The Myth of the Tidy House January 05, 2009 10:54

I seem to spend a lot of my time cleaning and yet everything is always in a mess. I know I’ve got 2 little kids and they’re genetically programmed to create guiltless chaos where ever they go, but even so. How do other people manage to have tidy houses? It’s totally beyond my understanding unless they’ve made some unholy pact with the forces of darkness.
Those adverts on TV of smiling mums in their clean houses with their ‘amusingly’ grubby youngsters. Are they there to make us feel incompetent and failures as mothers/cleaning machines? Perhaps that crappy product they’re selling might just make the difference?
The scary thing is that I often feel exhausted after a particularly strenuous bout of filling the dishwasher, washing machine, doing the vacuuming. What of our poor forebares, with none of those time saving, sanity saving devices? Us moany mums don’t know how lucky we are! So why is my house still a mess? And why is the kitchen splashback still splashed with some antiquated tomato sauce? There is one other possibility…Perhaps other peoples houses are not that tidy, they just tidy them up when visitors are expected. If you never see their house in its normal state, you’d be forgiven for assuming it’s always that tidy. But it’s not, it’s a bloody mess too and that makes me feel a lot better thank you.
…The worst thing is that I encourage the great charade by vigorous tidying and cleaning before guests come, thusly continuing the myth of the tidy house.