My Little Slice of Happiness January 07, 2009 21:13

Today was a happy day. It was not a remarkable day in any way but it was very nice. I started today with an experimental disco in my living room, dancing with my 2 little girls. The kind of dancing that no living soul should ever witness (other than very small children, though it may scar them for life). A most enjoyable way to get the energy up for the day. After that, me and my girls went for a walk alongside the forest. Well, I say ‘walk’ but when you are with a 1 and a half year old it is more true to say it was a meandering amble. A circuitous shuffle. Anyway, the day was bright and clear, snow on the ground, not a whisper of wind and the faintest touch of warmth on the cheeks from the sun. I closed my eyes and just experienced the feeling of sunshine on my face for a few moments. It’s a precious thing when you’re in -5 degrees. Of course, I can only close my eyes for a nano second because inevitably the small bundle has fallen in the snow or could totter precariously close to inappropriate icy areas. All that was followed by a yummy lunch of spag bol, then coffee with a friend. Completely unremarkable but very very nice. Happiness is in the small things.