Beauty in the Small Things

 There was a beautiful irridescent winged bug on my jewellery display board when I got into Formex Today. Ironically it was nestled right next to my Eccentric Bugs necklace, as though it felt safe there, protected by the big silver bug. 

Stupidly, I picked it up and put it on my hand to have a better look. I should've taken a picture of it there but as usual, my enthusiasm and curiosity got the better of me. It didn't mind that I picked it up and put it on my hand. It just sat there, but I couldn't go around all day with a bug on my hand so I gently encouraged it to fly away. It flew around a bit but decided that my stand really was the best ;-) and flew behind one of my canvas pictures to sleep, where no giant hands would bother it. I've left it there. It's like a tiny secret that only I know about...and now you do too!.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you find joy in the tiny things.