Valentines Day Advice February 10, 2009 14:18

Gentlemen, it is that testing time again. Valentines day.
You think your gift says ‘I love you because I remembered to buy you something for Valentines.’ But your significant other sees only ‘…He bought me THIS! He thinks I’m the sort of person who likes THIS! He doesn’t know/understand me at all…’
Are you afraid now? You should be. Gift giving is a perilous business where ‘It’s the thought that counts’ quite frankly, doesn’t. The only way that the ‘thought’ counts is if that thought involved a significant degree of analysis regarding whether that particular gift would be the perfect thing for her, knowing her as well as you are supposed to. Not the mere ‘thought’ that you should buy something and grab the first thing you see. Your gift is a measure of how well you understand her, so tread carefully.
So, for all you quaking and uncertain males on the threshold of purchasing that make or break gift, let me cast a light into the female psyche and help you make informed decisions.
Firstly, a good rule of thumb is that a romantic gift is something that she will have on her or in her (easy tiger). Things like underwear, perfumes, jewellery, chocolates or body creams. Or, close by association such as perfume bottles, jewellery boxes, pampering products like exotic bath salts. There are some things that women prefer to buy for them selves such as clothes, handbags, and makeup. Unless you are very gifted in the gift giving department, I would steer clear of those. Also stay clear of umbrellas. They send entirely the wrong message.
The other areas of romantic gifts are the experiential and the sentimental. Experiential gifts include romantic holidays, eating out somewhere special or hot air balloon rides etc. These can make excellent Valentine gifts provide you don’t book a hot air balloon ride if she is afraid of heights.
Sentimental gifts are the ones that tug at her heart strings and make her all gooey and compliant (in your dreams). Seriously though, Valentines is built on sentimentality and this variety of gifts range from the obscenely naff teddy bears holding hearts to the more sophisticated and practical. Some ideas coming up…
I’ll tell you a secret. Even a fairly pragmatic and rational woman is genuinely effected by sentimental romantic gifts despite the fact that she says she doesn’t care about all that nonsense, she probably does. Nothing will impress your lady more than the use of a little planning, imagination and forethought. So, how about instead of giving her a bunch of roses, buy one big one and carefully put a piece of small jewellery in the centre of the rose or give her a box of chocolates and remove one of the chocs and replace it with a sparkly brooch. Presentation is important and a good idea is to give things in beautiful boxes. The thing inside could be a door key or a pair of theatre tickets or a hand written voucher for you to give her a full body massage or…?
The key to understanding the worth of your gift is that she values the time it took for you to think about her and it, more than how expensive the thing is. Infact, a very clever idea and imaginative presentation can cost nothing at all. If you don’t know what her tastes are then open your eyes and perhaps have a rummage in her jewellery box. If she hasn’t got one, then maybe she needs one.
Good luck gentlemen, your efforts will be rewarded.