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The New Crafty Corner August 23, 2012 10:33

 So, as you may or may not know....I'm working on a whole new section for the web shop. It's called the Crafty Corner and will feature lots of fabulous bits and pieces for your art, craft and design projects. There will be jewelry elements and tons of ribbons and trims plus printed cotton patches to make your own Van Asch style bags and cushions and things. There will also be the occasion bundle of antique watch parts and other vintage curiosities. 

Basically, I'm a bit of a bargain hunting hoarder myself and I have more stuff than I can ever hope to use in a lifetime. As I spend more and more time designing, I have less and less to time for actual sewing. Also, I have lots of pieces of printed fabric that are print and design samples, or left over printed panels from discontinued products. I don't have time to do anything with them but perhaps they might inspire you to make something fabulous with them!

There won't be any real organization to the Crafty Corner, think of it a bit like a cyber rummage sale, all higgildy piggildy (I've never written those words before...spell checker don't like them!) and full of bargains. It's not a big money making thing for me, more a way to pass on some excess stuff and give a bit to the creative community and I have tried my best to price everything more cheaply than can be readily found elsewhere on the net.