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The New Crafty Corner August 23, 2012 10:33

 So, as you may or may not know....I'm working on a whole new section for the web shop. It's called the Crafty Corner and will feature lots of fabulous bits and pieces for your art, craft and design projects. There will be jewelry elements and tons of ribbons and trims plus printed cotton patches to make your own Van Asch style bags and cushions and things. There will also be the occasion bundle of antique watch parts and other vintage curiosities. 

Basically, I'm a bit of a bargain hunting hoarder myself and I have more stuff than I can ever hope to use in a lifetime. As I spend more and more time designing, I have less and less to time for actual sewing. Also, I have lots of pieces of printed fabric that are print and design samples, or left over printed panels from discontinued products. I don't have time to do anything with them but perhaps they might inspire you to make something fabulous with them!

There won't be any real organization to the Crafty Corner, think of it a bit like a cyber rummage sale, all higgildy piggildy (I've never written those words before...spell checker don't like them!) and full of bargains. It's not a big money making thing for me, more a way to pass on some excess stuff and give a bit to the creative community and I have tried my best to price everything more cheaply than can be readily found elsewhere on the net.

My Dining Room Chairs August 12, 2012 20:05

We bought a wonderfully eccentric oval table and chairs for our dining area, which I totally love except for the awful fabric on the chairs. I really wanted to cover them, just couldn't find the perfect thing...

I also recently had some designs printed on a heavy weight linen cotton mix fabric to see if it would work for my new range of printed cushions. Although I really loved the texture and weight of the fabric, it didn't wash well. It came out faded and so creased and hard to iron, it would never work for the cushions...BUT...perfect to cover the chairs with!

I'm so happy how they turned out...and if I get bored at the breakfast table, I can always have a chat with the dearly departed using my Ouija chair..he he .... jus kidding folks ;-)

Stained Glass June 30, 2012 22:30

 I love stained glass, both the patchwork leaded type and the painted effects too. The windows are beautiful in themselves but also extend their beauty with patterns of shifting jewelled colored light to the walls around. 

Here are some of my favourite

Dark & Decadent Decor June 17, 2012 22:35

 Here are some delicious little interior design treats if you like your interior spaces dark and decadent. I love colour and am partícularly obsessing on deep marine colours right now, from deep turquoise to navy blue with every possible greeny hue in between. Part of what i love about most of these pictures is that they don't look too overstyled, something that really puts me off most interior pics. I hope you love them too.

Outside Spaces June 15, 2012 22:53

 I love outside spaces that have indoor elements and visa versa so I've included a few of those here, amongst some lovely pictures of beautiful gardens. These are places I would love to while away the hours, wander, relax, drink tea and nibble cakes, chat about this and that. Delightful!

My New Notebooks June 08, 2012 23:52

Oh so excited today! I got delivery of the samples for my new range of journals/notebooks. Can't really decide what to call them...notebooks sounds like the thing you write a shopping list on and journals sounds like some precious document of your travels through exotic locations...not all of us have time for that... so can't really make up my mind what to call them. Anyway, whatever they are called, they look great! I have to do a few tweaks on the artwork, brighten things up a bit and stuff, but basically, very happy with them. They will be available to buy on here and at my stockists from August/September onwards.

Yumminess June 06, 2012 22:49

 i love cake, tis a well known fact. It's yummy. I've decided to share some pics of cake and I'm sorry if after you've looked at them that you feel the need to go and eat lots... I did, so I understand.

Lots of the cakes are almost too amazing to eat but not quite. I did come across some truly incredible cakes in my lookings but they were of things like giant octapus and a life sized kangaroo. And whilst these things are amazing, they don't look very enticing. So, here are just the yummy ones from flowery feminine to gothic castles and mad hatter tea party themed, I'd happily scoff them all.

Things to Inspire: Doors Knockers & Knobs June 01, 2012 23:26

 Door knockers and knobs? It sound like 60's British Carry On movie...oh ah missus! 

Anyway, I love fancy decorating elements and using small details to add an eccentric flavour so here's some doorish delights...

More Things To Inspire... Decoupagé Furniture May 27, 2012 22:20

Here is a wee selection of furniture with various clever paint and decoupage techniques. There's plenty more of this yummy stuff coming over the next few weeks because I just love this kind of personalised furniture. They make big design statements which can work really well...

Things to Inspire: Turquoise & Gold May 24, 2012 21:04

 I totally love this colour combination. Alway have and probably always will. In all it's hues from rich deep turquoise to pale marine greeny blues, it works so harmoniously with gold.

Your vote counts! May 21, 2012 14:46

 I'm pleased to give you a sneaky peaky of 2 of my new designs. These won't be available until much later this year as they are from the Autumn/winter collections. These designs will be available as cushions, cocktail trays and jewellery motifs. I'm also bringing out a range of new journal/luxury notebooks and only 1 of these Sacred Heart designs can be used. So, you can help decide which it is going to be. I'm running the voting over on my facebook page where you can also make suggestions for the names.


 If you don't do the FB thing then please feel free to comment below. Your feedback counts!

Flaming Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart & Keys

Pale Pale Feminine Softness May 20, 2012 22:47

 I stumbled upon a fabulous facebook page 


and I recommend that if you like the following selection of pictures, you'll very much love this ladies page. This collection of pictures evoke such a wonderfully dreamy, hazy feeling of bygone summers and lazy romance. With the frivolity of frills and the fragility of lace, I just want to let it wash over me like a soft blossomy breeze. I love it!!!