About Me



Hello ... I'm Rachel
Sometimes my paintings are colourfully playful, sometimes they are reflections of my darker musings... but always painted with love and passion. 
I'm on a journey and I want you to come with me...  As a slightly silly and very rock and roll mum of 2 gorgeous girls, female empowerment is very important to me and I'm passionate about self development and making the world a better place for everyone - a wee bit better and a wee bit weirder...
I was born in 1971 in New Zealand to a very creative and highly unconventional family. As a teenager I moved to London and began my own creative journey which began with singing in a band and designing their stage costumes, That platform gave me the opportunity, in 2000, to start my own design company.
In 2006 I moved to Sweden where I continued developing my designs for my 'Van Asch' brand which included clothing and textile designs.
In 2018 I took my experience as a textile designer and began incorporating paint into one-off pieces of art and since then my passion and commitment to painting has only intensified.





This is the bit where I'm probably supposed to go on about all my education, exhibitions and credentials but quite frankly I dropped out of school when I was 16 and I've never done things the conventional way... I paint with a heart full of joy and I love doing it, that is the most important thing to me, and if my paintings resonate with you and you love them too, then those are the only 2 things that matter.

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