5% of your whole order goes to support & empower
Indian women starting their own business
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How We Give

When you empower a woman, you empower a nation. As a woman myself, mother of two daughters and founder of Van Asch, empowerment of women is close to my heart. So is the future of the next generation. That's why Van Asch is donating 5% of every item sold on this web shop, to the Indian non-governmental organization (NGO) CIRHEP that empower's women through organic farming.
CIRHEP is an Indian NGO in Tamil Nadu committed to the cause of environment protection – especially managing water and soil resources sustainably and its efficient utilization for the benefit of present and future generations.

The core is organic farming and the NGO works in numerous ways to reach its goals. One of the focus areas is women’s empowerment. By creating sustainable, organic income opportunities for rural women, CIRHEP empowers women, their families and lifts them out of poverty. CIRHEP organizes self help groups (SHGs) where women are provided training programs. Women learn how to manage their micro-financing and leadership capacities. There is a great focus on creating awareness about women rights, gender equality and conserving local environment. The aim is to strengthen women’s confidence and self-esteem, and to increase women’s involvement in decision-making process within and outside the household.
We now have a great opportunity to accelerate CIRHEPs work and that is why we let 5% of each item sold,  go in full, to CIRHEP through our partner Addtruly  That doesn't mean 5% of the profit. It means 5% of what you buy.

Because we are affiliated with a small grass roots NGO rather than going through a bigger charity organisation, your money gets to where it is needed, at ground level. CIRHEP only spend about 17% of the monies they receive on admin, and anything under 25% is considered as low admin costs.

How far does the money go? Around €50 provides a women with everything she needs to start a small scale farm to cultivate crops to sell on the market.

You can see on each product exactly how much of your money is going though to help these women and their families.

And...  Every € that is donated to CIRHEP by us will be multiplied ten fold through the Swedish NGO Framtidsjorden – an Addtruly partner.
This means that if we donate €5 CIRHEP will receive the equivalent of €50.  That is all it takes for a woman to start her own micro farm!